Adult Foster Care

When the Time Comes, Choose Adult Foster Care

When your loved one requires some help with daily living, yet isn’t ready for a nursing home, Adult Foster Care is available as an option. Sometimes called assisted living, it will give you peace of mind with the knowledge that your elderly or disabled family member is being taken care of competently without the time and stress involved in doing it yourself

What is Adult Foster Care?

Adult Foster Care attends to the needs of the elderly and disabled adults who are in need of help and guidance on a daily basis.

Licensing Requirements

Qualified providers will supply at least a limited number of services including help with personal care, three meals per day, room and board, companionship, activities of daily living, and socialization as well as toiletries.

Who is suitable for Adult Foster Care?

Adults and elderly who are unable to live independently and fully care for themselves are usually eligible for Adult Foster Care. Residents may be oriented as to time, person, and place, and others may not. Most are able to feed and help dress themselves, socialize etc. Level of care depends on several factors. The ability to control bowel and bladder, eating and nutrition, dressing, personal hygiene, mobility, and behavior, are all activities of daily living which determine one’s level of care.

Who is unsuitable for Adult Foster Care?

Most elderly and disabled adults are suitable for Adult Foster Care. If under the age of 18, person automatically does not qualify. If, however, one cannot achieve a basic level of self-care, they may need to go in a home that provides a higher level of care, such as level 3 home (heavy care). The minimum standard of functioning includes compliance with facility rules, medication compliance, and ability to live without care from a trained professional such as a registered nurse or licensed practical nurse. Nurses however may come to the
Adult Foster Care Home and delegate nursing skills to caregivers.

What does Adult Foster Care cost?

The cost of Adult Foster Care ranges from the average falling between $2500 and $3500 per month. The factors which determine the price include the performance ability of daily living activities (eating, dressing, personal hygiene, mobility, bowel/bladder, and behavior) one can achieve. Another factor in determining the price of an adult foster care home is whether the person would live in a private or a shared room, and whether the private room has a private or a shared bathroom. For some, incontinence products may need to be purchased. Even with this expense, assisted living costs about 50- 60% of the price of a nursing home.

Adult Foster Care provides the right level of support without the added expense of a nursing home. It will ensure that your family member receives both the care and mental stimulation that is so important to their maintenance and well-being. It is often worth the investment because it relieves the family of worry and friction and makes it possible for the family to continue to function with minimal pain.